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Are you ready to bring the best wellness experience to your workplace? We present to you specially designed programs and evidence based techniques so you can create an environment to have more focus and morale and less stress at your company.

Eliminate Burnout

 Mindfulness practices are associated with decreased volumes of gray matter in the amygdala, the part of the brain that triggers a response to stress. It causes the unknown to be perceived as a threat and to stay away from it. Thanks to breathing exercises, mindfulness improves mental agility, allowing attitudes to shift from “but we have done it before” to “let’s see what happens if we try a new approach.”

Mindfulness in Your Workplace

We support organizations that embrace a healthy and happy workplace. We help you navigate the challenges that are common to professional life. Our programs are prepared for the needs of your company. We facilitate sustainable and healthy habits that are aimed at improving overall team morale and engagement. 
Our mindfulness programs and wellness events empower your team members to develop a connection within themselves, and ultimately strengthen their connection with those around them. This increases personal productivity, performance, and wellbeing in the organizational climate. Thanks to the expert application of appropriate methods, we will amplify the personal focus and productivity while creating a group synergy. Enabling this environment in your workplace is a multi-dimensional investment as mindfulness practices are proven to increase overall performance and decrease burnout, fatigue, and stress.


Mindfulness Training

Make a commitment to continuous growth and excellence of your employees

1:1 Consultation for Executive Members

Uproot any challenges and obstacles; and give your leading team members an edge in human management skills, task delegation and over all execution capacity.

Type of Program: 1:1 sessions
(in person or virtual)

Duration: one on one time up to 4 hours

Frequency: 8 Sessions

Research based 6-week VIP Mindfulness program

Give your executive teams or staff a full understanding of how they can improve through Mindfulness. 

Type of Program: Class
(in person or virtual)

Duration: 1 Hour

Participants: Up to 50

Frequency: 6 Sessions and 6 Newsletters

Premium Monthly Subscription

Commit yourself to your mission and vision by this monthly subscription with one session each week. 

Type of Program: Class

(in person or virtual)

Duration: 1 Hour

Participants: Up to 500

Frequency: 4 Sessions and 4 Newsletters

(minimum 2 months)

Wellness Party at the Office

Wellness Party is a great way to bring your team or employees together to learn and experience true self care. We bring together a vast variety of health and self care providers together. You can get a chair massage and acupuncture while listening to a personal meditation, get tips from a physical therapist, enjoy tea and honey tasting, immerse yourself in aromatherapy, experience a healing sound bath, and more. Click on the link below to turn your office into an oasis of wellness.

Get Out of the Office

What a way to build up the morale and team spirit than having fun together? Our Horse Farm Obstacle Course and Goat Yoga event have been a big hit within the office members whom most of the time are stuck in a mundane environment. These outdoors events are a great way to recharge endorphins and built camaraderie amongst your team and employees. Take the trust, companionship and great memories that you create in nature to the office and work as a strong team that is connected at many deeper levels.

We are proud to welcome our new clients here and let them share their experience working with us!

New Partnerships

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"The whole team and services were amazing. I should complain the massage had to be longer :) I feel privileged to be treated like this. Thank you so much for your amazing care and love you brought to our office."
Alissa C. - The Brattle Group

"No one paid me to meditate so far, and now I am meditating at work and getting a massage. I am the luckiest guy on earth and very, very thankful for your service."
Matthew M. - The Brattle Group

"The Brattle Group answers complex economic, finance, and regulatory questions for corporations, law firms, and governments around the world. We are distinguished by the clarity of our insights and the credibility of our experts, which include leading international academics and industry specialists. Brattle has 500 talented professionals across four continents."

Our Valued Clients

Partnerships and Projects

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"We work in the MTA's mission control center; a hectic environment with thousands of screens and monitors everywhere. When we were told that we would do meditation, I thought there was no way I could do it because there is simply no time or space. However, the way you taught how to apply just basic skills of breathing and awareness, I feel more alert and calm at the same time during my shift, thank you Wellness Assembly educators."

Arthur C.

MTA Mission Control Center.


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