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Mindfulness Training

1:1 Consultation for Executive Members

Uproot any challenges and obstacles; and give your leading team members an edge in human management skills, task delegation and overall execution capacity.

Type of Program: 1:1 sessions
(in person or virtual)

Duration: one on one time up to 4 hours

Frequency: 8 Sessions

Research based 6-week VIP Mindfulness program

Give your executive staff a full understanding of how they can improve through Mindfulness. 

Type of Program: Class
(in person or virtual)

Duration: 1 Hour

Participants: Up to 50

Frequency: 6 Sessions and 6 Newsletters

Premium Monthly Subscription

Commit yourself to your mission and vision through this monthly subscription with one session and one newsletter each week. 

Type of Program: Class

(in person or virtual)

Duration: 1 Hour

Participants: Up to 500

Frequency: 4 Sessions and 4 Newsletters

(minimum 2 months)

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The 6-Week VIP Mindfulness Program

It's a fundamental switch from a Mind-full state to Mindful presence. Our 6-Week VIP Mindfulness Program is a wide span of personal development and empowerment experience built for a professional atmosphere. This program enhances the energy of the workplace and its people by creatively applying teachings of meditation, visualization, mastering the self talk and more.

This program is constructed to be as experiential as it is educational.

Throughout the program, participants are encouraged to fully engage and voice their perspectives, questions, and concerns as those will be reframed around opportunities for growth and success. The program is a safe, compassionate, supportive space that allows your leaders or team members to identify obstacles and learn how to overcome them with greater ease.

All of the techniques are evidence-based and are designed to give your staff tools to reduce stress, manage emotions, improve productivity, efficiency, communication, creativity and overall morale for the company.

The way to create new neural pathways and create new habits takes 6 weeks of practice and positive reinforcement. Contrary to popular belief, your brain never stops creating new braincells. This process is called neurogenesis and as long as you do the things that keep your hippocampus active and running, creating new brain cells and new neural pathways never stops. There is way more to our program but here is a quick look in how we facilitate this process for you! 

Learning and refining mindfulness practices to build a personalized toolbox including relaxation exercises, meditation, visualization and more. This evidence based and result proven 6-week program takes one from the level of getting to know what they have, to efficiently and professionally applying the acquired skills in the work environment. Each week is designed to relate with the other weeks and in between, the practitioners will have a non-demanding observation or practice. The sessions are to help one with top-down and bottom-up regulations which are the technical terms for using the mind to optimize the body and using the body to optimize the mind respectively. 

Objectives may shift or reshape as the sessions organically unfold to address specific goals and concerns for your company. Please contact us if you are interested in creating your own program for your company.

Week 1

Creating a mindfulness toolbox: “Introduction to Mindfulness”

Week 2

Getting in the Zone
"the Preparation"

Week 3

Breathing and Meditation 
"The Anatomy of Power"

Week 4

Overriding the Stressors:
“the Un-wiring”

Week 5

Staying on Top:
“the Re-wiring”

Week 6

Putting Everything Together for Excellence: 
“The Application”

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