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Horse Farm Obstacle Course

Mindfulness and Problem Solving with Horses

Mindfulness with horses is a powerful and unique team building activity that focuses on developing communication skills and promoting mindful reflection. In this activity, teams of up to 12 people interact with horses and complete a challenge that requires outside-of-the-box thinking and effective communication. Our horse experts ensure that communication with the horses is safe and that all participants have a positive and engaging experience.
During this activity, teams will learn to communicate effectively and build trust with one another. They will be tasked with completing a challenge that requires creative problem solving and effective communication skills. The horses involved in this activity serve as an excellent source of feedback, as they are highly intuitive animals and can sense the emotions and intentions of those around them.
Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their experience and what they can learn from it, promoting mindful self-awareness and growth; as well as bonding with horses, grooming and petting them and learn about their nature.
Mindfulness with horses is an excellent way for teams to improve communication skills, build trust, and reflect on their experiences. This unique activity provides an engaging and meaningful way for teams to come together and grow, fostering a positive and supportive work environment.

Get your team into a team spirit

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Non-verbal communication

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Have a completely different perspective

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Outside-of-the-box problems and solutions

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Gotta Goat Yoga

Get the team out for a great get-together! 

What a way to build up the morale and team spirit than having fun together? Our Goat yoga event has been a big hit within the office members who most of the time are stuck in a mundane environment. This outdoors event is a great way to recharge endorphins and built camaraderie amongst your team and employees. Take the trust, companionship and great memories that you create in nature to the office and work as a strong team that is connected at many deeper levels.

Get your team into a team spirit


Have fun and make memories together


Have a unique experience


Reconnect with yourself and nature


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